Great interest in new furniture project at Milan exhibition

12 April 2011Fashion & Lifestyle


In connection to Il Salono Mobile, the international furniture fair of Milan, Kopenhagen Fur launches its brand new furniture project in collaboration with Chinese Mr Zhu Xiao Jie, and on the opening day the international design media showed up in large scale.


Zhu Patrizia Milano

In the intimate showroom - away from the big exhibition halls - in the street Via Savone in Milan, thick bamboo branches give the visitor the impression of being in a bamboo forest. This is where Zhu Xiao Jie has his world premiere on his new collection of furniture, which is made of the beautiful Zingana wood. The design is unique: in collaboration with Kopenhagen Studio, Zhu Xiao Jie got the idea of combining wood and fur in his furniture design, and it is now revealed in Milan.

- It is very exciting to explore a new segment of design. We have a lot of experience from fashion shows but this is our first exhibition with furniture, so we are very excited to see the reaction from our visitors, Natia Linneman, Partnerships & Alliances manager at Kopenhagen Fur, says.

Influential design media

The world's biggest design media visited the exhibition, among them Elle Decor and Wallpaper* Magazine.

- It was new and very different from anything else. It is refreshing to see designers, who dare to go different ways. Right now, customers want something else than mass-produced furniture; they want a unique design and that is what you get with Zhu Xiao Jie's design. It will be interesting to follow this project in the future, Special Projects director J. J. Martin and Fashion Editor at large Nick Vinson from Wallpaper* Magazine, say.

As Zhu Xiao Jie shows his visitors around, he is very pleased with the attention people have shown his designs.

- People are very surprised to see the combination of fur and wood in furniture design, and they ask about the techniques that are developed in collaboration with Kopenhagen Studio. Fortunately, people have only praised, what they have seen, Zhu Xiao Jie says.

Wallpaper Zhu Milano

J. J. Martin, Fashion editor at Wallpaper* Magazine, interviews Mr Zhu Xiao Jie (right) about his unique designs

Top photo on the right: Mr. Zhu Xiao Jie and Patrizia Venturelli Christensen, Marketing director at Kopenhagen Fur. In the background is the 'dress chair'.