Louis Vuitton designer visits Kopenhagen Fur

1 September 2010Fashion & Lifestyle

Emneord Louis VuittonFurDesign


Monday and Tuesday, Kopenhagen Fur and Kopenhagen Studio had a visit from the fashion house of Louis Vuitton.

Daniel Kearns is a designer and works with several projects at Louis Vuitton. In order to collect new knowledge about using fur in fashion designing, Daniels Kearns flew in from Paris.

- Fur is an important material in the fashion industry. It is interesting to work with because of the variety of ways to approach it. But it can also be a challenge, he emphasizes.

The main reason to Daniel Kearns' visit was to collect new inspiration for the use of fur in accessory designing. To learn more about mink fur as raw material, Daniel Kearns visited Kopenhagen Fur's auction house and warehouse on Monday.

- It was impressive to see the quantity and variety of fur that was present, Daniel Kearns says.

Kopenhagen Studio was the host on Tuesday. Daniel Kearns saw different techniques for utilizing fur that are used and developed by Kopenhagen Studio.

- This visit offers me a great chance to see the process as a whole. The use of fur can be developed, and it gives me a chance to learn new ways of implementing fur, Daniel Kearns says.