Kopenhagen Fur Academy opens retail season in China

12 September 2010Markets

Emneord Retail eventChina

Last season was a fantastic fur season in China. With professional training from Kopenhagen Fur Academy and joint-promotion from Kopenhagen Fur Certified Boutique Program, Kopenhagen Fur retail partners are ready for another grand opening of the new season.

Four years ago, Kopenhagen Fur launched its Kopenhagen Fur Certified Boutique Promotion Programme in China to the  high-end fur retail partners. After four years of continuous effort, more than 1,000 fur retail staff around China have received up-to-date knowledge on fur material quality, fur techniques, international fur fashion trends and sales techniques etc.

This year, the first round of training started on 23 August. Marie Engberg, Kopenhagen Fur retail marketing expert introduced the hottest fur fashion trends on the international catwalks. These trends provide sales staff with strong selling arguments to the new collections that have just arrived in the store. Sheila Wagner, the sorting expert from Kopenhagen Fur brought the fur sorting knowledge to around 200 retail staff from 3 cities in total.

- We are expanding our fur business in Taiyuan and neighboring cities and provinces, like Gan Su, as we are very positive on the consumer demand on fur, says Ms Wu Zhanling, General Manager of Taiyuan Li Sheng Fur. -As more and more rich people love fur, we need more professional training, and Kopenhagen Fur Academy just offered what we are keen on having. Since the training from last year, we have learned a lot of professional knowledge that we have never got access to before. We really appreciate the training and are also very confident that we will be able to grow faster and stronger with the assistance from Kopenhagen Fur, he continues.

- Besides the high quality product, comfortable sales techniques and professional product knowledge and service are the key factors for convincing customers to buy a luxury piece of fur in the store, says Mr. Shi Xiaotian, General Manager of Shenbang Fur, and continues: - As the staff turnover rate is quite high in Shengbang fur in recent years, many are new staff this year. Kopenhagen Fur' training is very valuable for us right before the sales starts.