Inspiration of a magical product

21 September 2010Fashion & Lifestyle

Emneord ChinaGuo PeiDesignKopenhagen Studio


The Chinese haute couture designer Guo Pei visited Kopenhagen Fur to draw inspiration for her designs. The output has been overwhelming, she says.

Many Chinese have visited Denmark in connection with Kopenhagen Fur's auction in September. However, one of them had completely different interests than buying fur. China's leading haute couture designer Guo Pei had rather new techniques and ideas for using fur in mind. Therefore she was on a six days long visit at Kopenhagen Studio. The visit, according to Guo Pei was a great success.

- I am very satisfied with the knowledge that I gained during my visit to Denmark. It will certainly benefit me in my future work with fur, she says

Guo Pei began using fur 22 years ago as a newly graduated designer, and the passion has remained.

- To me, fur is a magic material. The many opportunities to use it in different contexts increase my creativity, "she says.

Fur decorated wedding dresses
One of Guo Pei's future projects is wedding dresses which combine Chinese tradition with international designs.

- The dresses will be decorated with Chinese symbols for marriage, and will be in fur. Combined with embroidery and silk it will look fantastic, she says.

Bringing home inspiration and chinchilla
The visit to Denmark is Guo Pei's first and it also included a trip to Kopenhagen Fur's auction. She stresses that the visit is not only rewarding by design.

The visit to Kopenhagen Fur was in more than one way an eye opener. While Guo Pei walked around and looked at the skins, she spotted chinchilla skins.

- They will fit perfectly to haute couture, so I immediately decided to buy some skins at the auction, she says.


Jack_Guo_PeiGuo Pei's husband Jack Tsao followed her on the trip to Denmark. He is director of a Chinese family firm which trade in textiles and fashion.

- I think that Kopenhagen Fur has a huge advantage with the quality of skins and the image they already have in China. The prestige of being associated with Kopenhagen Fur is big. This advantage should certainly be used to promote the company further, says Jack Tsao.