Danish designer showed fur in London

23 September 2010Fashion & Lifestyle

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Kopenhagen Fur had a finger in the pie when Danish designer Louise Amstrup showed her S/S 11 collection in London last weekend.

Even though Danish fashion designer Louise Amstrup isn't new to the English fashion scene, it was with both surprise and joy that she received the prestigious On/Off Award which grants her one of the much-coveted places at the London Fashion Week. Last weekend, when the world famous fashion event took place in London, the young designer had the opportunity to show her talent to the world - and to show the world her special talent when it comes to working with fur.

This time, Louise Amstrup did magic with mink and showed a jacket in shaved mink with lots of texture and 'edge'. The creation, which is a result of a cooperation between Amstrup and Kopenhagen Fur's Design and Production Manager Michael Holm, is produced by the furriers at the Kopenhagen Studio workshop. Louise Amstrup has worked together with Kopenhagen Fur before, among other occasions when she developed fur styles for the Kopenhagen Fur opening show at the Copenhagen Fashion Week in February.

- Louise's unique sense of beautiful prints, texture and graphic details makes her an inspiring collaborator to Kopenhagen Studio and I'm exited to see how far she can go in the future, Michael Holm says.

Louise_amstrup_show_front                       Louise_amstrup_show_bag