Retail campaign started in Shenyang

25 October 2010Markets

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In the middle of October, the temperature in Shenyang was already minus three degrees centigrade as the first cold weather front hit northern China. The city was freezing and Kopenhagen Fur promptly rolled out its retail campaign with Shenyang Hualian Fur.


Hualian Fur is a leading fur centre which sold 8,000 fur coats last season. After a renovation of the centre this summer, it is now ready to serve the quality conscious consumers who are very aware of quality and style. Therefore, an event with Kopenhagen Fur was a natural choice when celebrating the re-opening of the fur centre.

Before the fashion show, fur quality specialist from Kopenhagen Fur, Lone Lyhne Andersen, visited Hualian Fur and she was impressed.

- It is very good to see the interior design of Hualian Fur - the clean, western style will target the young and fashionable people who like mink fur coats. It is not like the luxury that only older people will appreciate and use. This truly shows that the fur business in China is upgrading to a new era, says Lone.

Outside of Hualian Fur in the main commercial street of Shenyang, two fashion shows were staged. Around 8,000 visitors enjoyed the shows with the theme Pure Fur, Pure Life. It is a natural extension of the concept of the Danish Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010, where Kopenhagen Fur was a partner.

- Kopenhagen Fur presented the finest fur collection on the Denmark Day at the Danish Pavilion. We bring some of the fur styles from there and jointly celebrate with Hualian Fur for this grand opening, said Lone Lyhne Andersen.

- According to the latest reports, it will be really cold this winter, says Zhao Min, general manager of Hualian Fur. - Although the fur skin prices increased dramatically this year, our nice shopping environments and exclusive fur styles, make us very optimistic about the sales.

She adds that 90% of the mink coats in Hualian are made with Danish skins.