Finalists for the Golden Fur Pin 2010 selected

1 October 2010Fashion & Lifestyle

Emneord The Golden Fur PinKopenhagen StudioDesign

Kopenhagen Studio, the international centre for fur design and fashion run by Kopenhagen Fur, will arrange the Golden Fur Pin competition again this year.

The categories of the competition this year are clothing, accessories and home wear.

Many young designers have sent in their designs to apply for the attendance at this year's competition - especially within the home wear category. This category is new and includes any design for the home such as lamps, chairs and tables.

Kopenhagen Studio has now picked nine designers who are going to compete for the design award 'The Golden Fur Pin', three designers within each of the three above-mentioned categories.

- I am very pleased to conclude that Kopenhagen Studio's focus within interior decoration and home wear hit the mark with the young designers. It was a great challenge to select the nine finalists and I look forward to seeing their designs being created in the workshop, says Kopenhagen Fur's Marketing Director, Patrizia Venturelli Christensen.

The nine finalists will stay in the workshop for a week to create their designs with the assistance of some of Scandinavia's best furriers. Afterwards, the designers are going to finish their designs for the award show on 4 November.

A winner will be appointed within each category. The panel of judges represents the industries, journalists and some of the finest design companies in Denmark. As an extra bonus, Kopenhagen Studio has made agreements with some design companies that they will work together with the winners for a limited period of time.

- Being able to offer the design students a co-operation with some of Denmark's leading design companies gives us a unique opportunity to build bridge between the industry and the students. It is essential for the future of the fashion and design industries that a strong link between these to parties exists, says Patrizia Venturelli Christensen.