"Heritage luxury" rhymes with diamonds and fur

12 November 2010Fashion & Lifestyle

Emneord FurFashion

The setting of the conference was a cold, fur-clad London. One would think that the city had also embraced its luxury heritage when one fur-wearing female after the other joined the conference.


This year's theme for the IHT Luxury Conference was 'Heritage Luxury'. Prominent speakers such as Christopher Bailey from Burberry, Karl Lagerfeld from Chanel and David Lauren from Ralph Lauren all gave their take on what 'Heritage Luxury' really means.

The most interesting speaker was designer Paul Smith, who managed to question the whole concept of luxury and what luxury is to the consumer today. His points about 'fake luxury' and how the word is misused by producers around the world were direct in line with the current debit crisis and the results it has had on the luxury market. Especially original luxury product as fur and diamonds have not seen the same downturn as newer luxury products, and while yachts and summer homes might have lost their value it is not the case for high quality furs and diamonds.

This year's most inspiring speaker must be Alber Elbaz from Lanvin, who spoke about his work with renewing the old brand. It was not only interesting but also touching how he managed to draw conclusions on his work there and match them with experiences in his life. Alber Elbaz spoke about the refinement of luxury and the need for exquisite materials to make a true luxury brand, and - just as important - to maintain the heritage of one of the most coveted fashion houses in the world.