Toplot buyer is all about quality

17 December 2010Auction

Emneord Top lot

Toplot December 2010

At the Kopenhagen Fur December Auction, the top lot was bought by Mr Coskun Köluk. The Turkish skin manufacturer bought the White Velvet Females skins for 800 DKK per skin. 

Mr Coskun Köluk is second generation in the family company Tasari Kürkmod based in Istanbul, Turkey. Together with third generation - his son Atalay, who is already an experienced buyer at the auctions - they aim for the highest quality possible when they attend the auctions.

As an extra feature for the top lot buyer, Mr Coskun Köluk will be given the opportunity to show some of his company's styles in an exclusive gala show during the Beijing Fur Fair with 400 VIP guests. A gesture, that becomes Mr Coskun Köluk and his plans for the top lot well. Some of the skins will be made in to a unique style, and the rest will be used in the company's commercial promotion in Asia by bringing the skins to the Beijing Fur Fair.

- We have just opened an office in Hong Kong, and this top lot from Kopenhagen Fur will help emphasizing our focus on high quality skins and our brand Gata Fur, as we enter the Asian market. We believe that this is the right way to show what we are all about, Mr Coskun Köluk says.

In the picture, it is Mr Coskun Köluk on the right, Sales Director at Kopenhagen Fur Kenneth Loberg in the middle and Mr Coskun Köluk's trusted co-worker, Mr Salih Ipekoglu.