Dalian Shengbang in transcendence

2 January 2011Fashion & Lifestyle

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Dalian retail event

It's no secret that northern China is the largest luxury market in China. Many watch brands have confessed that it's where they make real money. Dalian, a coastal city at the southern tip of northern China, offers particular bonanza. One of Chinese's vacation hotspots, Dalian boasts a robust economy and dressy residents, and a increasingly fine taste for fur.

Dalian Shengbang Fur has a good sense of the pulse. This year, it opens up a new store called Shengbang International to cater to up-market consumers. Dozens of millions of yuan have been spent on ordering exclusive Italian fur garments that each sells for 100,000 yuan. The 3,000-square-meter new store compliments well its old store, at 20,000 square meters, where volume is created by more traditional but still good quality styles.

Two shows were held by Shengbang Fur and Kopenhagen Fur on 19 December for starkly different consumer groups in the old and new store separately. While the one in the old store showed more traditional styles and ended with lucky draw of car seat cushions, the one in the new store displayed colorful and lighter styles and finished with a rousing jazz performance. Mr. Shi Xiaotian, general manager of Shengbang Fur, didn't want to conceal his ambition to build Shengbang into the beach head of fur fashion in the city, and virtually so by playing to the mindset of different social stratum.

Shengbang Fur is a Kopenhagen Fur Certified Boutique and the two parties have been working for four years. There's no doubt under this mutual beneficial partnership, Shengbang has been moving up the ladders of value.

- This is the best fashion show I've ever seen in Dalian," said Ms. Wang Hong, fashion editor from Dalian Business Times.

- The fur market in northeastern China is very competitive these years. We have to reform ourselves in all facets, like interior design, the fur styles and the fur brands. One big purpose of our partnership with Kopenhagen Fur is to improve the shopping experience. We are working very hard on that," says Mr. Shi Xiaotian.

And he has planned to create his own fur brand and buy skins in Kopenhagen Fur. - No doubt I will go to Kopenhagen Fur very often in the future," he  said.