New customer

As you may know, Kopenhagen Fur is the largest auction house in the world selling raw skins by auction. Our main items are mink skins, but we also offer fox, raccoon, opossum, chinchilla, fitch and other skins.
You may wish to open a buyer number to make bids at the auctions. On this link you can open the form to be filled in if you wish so. Please note that Kopenhagen Fur must be in receipt of 25% of your expected purchase before your purchase.
However, if you have not bought skins at an auction before, we suggest that you buy skins through a commission agent. At a later auction you may wish to make bids yourself.

Please see the information under Auctions/How to buy skins, for further information - It is also possible to register for the attendance at an auction, reserve a sampleman or a secretary for the auctions, book hotel rooms or rent a car at reduced Kopenhagen Fur rates under Auctions/Services at Kopenhagen Fur.
We look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you at our auctions.

Phone: Customer Department +45 4326 1444
Fax: Customer Department +45 4326 1449