Auction sales

Chief Auctioneer Paul Pedersen is responsible for auction planning, while Chief Auctioneer Per Knudsen is responsible for the execution of auctions.

The sales programme will be published prior to the auction stating the dates, the starting hours of each day, the skin types to be offered and the order of sale.

The sale will follow the order of the catalogue, unless otherwise stated.

The sales programme will inform you of the estimated duration of the sale. However, these estimates are only meant as a guide. Please note that the lunch hour will normally start at 12.00. The break will vary from 45 to 60 minutes.

The sale takes place in English. Bids are made per skin in DKK and follow predetermined intervals, dependent upon the price level.

Handing out buyer number signs takes place at the Customer Service Counter.

Intervals between bids


Bids between DKK 10-150 

Interval DKK 2 

Bids between DKK 150-350

Interval DKK 5 

Bids from DKK 350-700

Interval DKK 10 

Bids from DKK 700-  

Interval DKK 20


Bids between DKK 20-150 

Interval DKK 5 

Bids from DKK 150

Interval DKK 10 

Light board

In the auction room a light board indicates skin type and lot number. This will help you keeping track of which lot is being sold. Furthermore, 2 monitors indicate the level that the bidding has reached. The price will be shown in DKK and USD. These prices are only guiding.

Sales procedure

The sale starts when the auctioneer announces the lot number to be sold and opens with a starting price. You bid by raising your hand and the auctioneer keeps tally until no further bids are made at which point the lot falls to the highest bidder. If several buyers bid at the same level and nobody wishes to increase the bid, the auctioneer is entitled to distribute the lot in question.

Original buyer

When selling string lots we only "count" on the first lot number (lots) and the buyer of this lot is referred to as the "original buyer". This buyer has the right to purchase the balance of the string lot at the same price level unless he is overbidden on one of the subsequent lots. You may overbid the original buyer by shouting "up" and raising your hand. If the buyer does not require the entire string, he can inform the auctioneer as to the number of lots he requires. When the original buyer has obtained these lots, a second buyer can enter the bidding. When the second buyer has obtained his lots, a third buyer can enter the bidding and so on until the entire string has been sold. If, however, the original buyer wishes, at any time, to purchase further lots within the string, he has option against the other buyers. He must, however, overbid a buyer who is "in the string", i.e. to whom the auctioneer is already selling.

All string lots are sold in this manner.


It is also possible to drop the price within a string. You merely have to clearly inform the auctioneer that you wish to "drop" after which the current bid will decrease by the predefined interval. If other buyers choose not to bid up, you may continue to purchase lots from the string at the lower level of bidding.


If you have purchased a lot and discover at once that you have made an incorrect bid, you must inform the auctioneer immediately, within 20 lots. He is then able to resell the lot to another buyer.

Limit price

Kopenhagen Fur has the right to withdraw lots if they do not obtain an acceptable price level.

Mink skins which do not obtain a limit price of 20 DKK, fox skins which do not obtain a limit price of 30 DKK and chincilla skins which do not obtain a limit price of 80 DKK will be destroyed.

Please also note the Conditions of Sale.

The lot and string lot system

Lots with identical skins with regard to size, colour, quality and value, have been totalled in consecutive numbers and are referred to as "strings".

In the catalogue these strings are marked with (*).

The first lot of a string (showlot) has a blue strap hanger, the following bundles are packed loose in boxes with exact descriptions.

Only the first lot of a string will be shown during the inspection. If you wish to see the remaining lots from the string please contact a floorman in the inspection area.

If necessary, two show collections will be arranged. These will be identical with the exception of single lots which will be shown in the first collection only.