Auction results in English on text message

telefonKopenhagen Fur offers an SMS service in English with preferred currency (DKK, USD or EUR). 

The text message service is free of charge.

A text will be sent to you when one of the main mink types has been sold. It will contain information about skin type, sales percentage, average price, top price and price deviation.




To subscribe to this service please do as follows:

For prices in DKK: send pris uk start to +4523901623

For prices in USD: send pris us start to +4523901623

For prices in EUR: send pris eu start to +4523901623

You will then receive a text message confirming your registration. The registration must be made from the mobile phone on which you want to receive the auction results.

To unsubscribe do as follows:

Depending on the currency, text either "pris uk stop", "pris us stop" or "pris eu stop" to +4523901623. You will receive a text message confirming that you want to stop receiving text messages from Kopenhagen Fur.

You do not have to register before each auction. Once registered, you will automatically receive the text messages each time an auction takes place at Kopenhagen Fur.