Secretaries during auctions

The secretarial assistance during inspection and selling days is user's fee for the entire auction period.

The following prices apply:

Basic rate: DKK 185.00

Overtime - 50% on the basic rate: DKK 277.50

Overtime - 100% on the basic rate: DKK 370.00

These rates represent the actual cost per hour per secretary. The charges will be set off against your Kopenhagen Fur account right after each auction.


Basic rate: 
Monday to Thursday: The first 7½ working hours
Friday: The first 7 working hours

50% on the basic rate: 
The successive three working hours, that means;
Monday to Thursday: After 8 hours
The secretary pays 0.5 hour lunch break himself
Friday: After 7.5 hours
The secretary pays 0.5 hour lunch break himself

100% on the basic rate:     
Additional overtime and all working hours on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

Working hours will be 6 hours at a minimum.

 If you wish to have a secretary working for you during the auctions, please contact Ms Birgit Friis, Customer Dept., on telephone +45 4326 1431.