Sorting Courses 2017

Kopenhagen Fur's Customer Department is proud to present the programme of Kopenhagen Fur's Sorting Courses.

No other auction house offers a programme as thorough and educational as these courses which give you an opportunity to learn the specifics of the sorting and auction procedures in an international atmosphere.

Students 20+ can apply.

Admission will be confirmed approx. one month before each course.

The Sorting and Auction Procedures Courses 2017 will take place:

6 to 22 February 2017
6 to 22 June 2017

- In-depth knowledge of the principles of sorting raw mink skins as well as considerable practical training.
- Thorough training in inspection of showlots and marking of catalogues.

- Observation of auction sales procedures as well as practical training in purchasing lots at the auction.
- Examination reflecting an actual purchase situation including invoicing etc.

- Excursions to related industries such as a mink farm, a dressing plant, a feed kitchen and a furrier.

- You will receive a diploma if you have attended and completed the sorting course and have passed the course tests.

Kopenhagen Fur Alumni
Students will be invited to join us on WeChat for easy communication and networking.

- Instruction, teaching, and training: Free of charge.
- Breakfast and lunch at Kopenhagen Fur's canteen: Free of charge.
- Accommodation, transport to and from Kopenhagen Fur and evening meals outside Kopenhagen Fur: At the student's own expense.

We can offer you the special Kopenhagen Fur hotel rates. Please contact the reception by email to or fax no. +45 4326 1126.

The hotels in question appear from the drop-down menu under Book Hotel in the top menu.

When making hotel reservations you must provide us with your credit card number.
Payment is due upon arrival to the hotel.

For further information please contact the Customer Department, Annette Hindborg
Phone no. +45 4326 1440
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