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Preliminary sales programme April 2017

22 March 2017 - Kopenhagen Fur is pleased to announce the preliminary April sales programme 2017. Read the programme here...

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Newcomer in the business bought his first Top Lot

9 March 2017 - This February's Top Lot of White Velvet females went to Kopenhagen Fur auction-goer Mr You wei Zhao, visiting Denmark on behalf of the...

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The first mink top lot of the February auction is headed for TongErPu

8 March 2017 - Chinese fur buyer Qu LianYuan (right) proudly presents the auction's finest Sapphire Velvet males, having bought these skins priced at 720...

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Auction App optimizes Kopenhagen Fur's information service

15 June 2016 - Kopenhagen Fur's Auction App is a powerful improvement of the information service provided by the auction house, which is why the...

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