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Swakara prices satisfy Namibian delegation

28 April 2017 - Namibia's Swakara Board was satisfied with the April auction's Swakara sale conducted at Kopenhagen Fur that saw all Swakara skins sold...

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Same procedure as last year – almost

27 April 2017 - Just like in September 2016, Ms. Katharina Hasse and the St. Petersburg-based design company Xassa secured a prestigious Swakara...

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Kastoria connaisseur takes home Swakara Black Top Lot

27 April 2017 - Initially, Mr. Athanasios Konstantinou was not planning on buying any toplot at this April auction. But then, after his arrival in Denmark, he saw...

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The first day of sale at the April auction

26 April 2017 - Silverblue Males were the first goods up for sale. They obtained a sales percentage of...

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