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Sales on the final auction day

15 September 2016 - On the last day of the auction Palomino and Palomino Velvet in both Males and Females were sold with a sales percentage of 100 and with increases in prices...

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Top Lots at the September auction 2016

8 September 2016 - Kopenhagen Fur is pleased to announce the top lots of the September auction 2016. Please find the top mink, chinchilla and swakara lots here...

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Favourable terms at Kopenhagen Fur's September auction 2016

30 August 2016 - Kopenhagen Fur is pleased to offer the following favourable terms at the September auction 2016...

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Auction App optimizes Kopenhagen Fur's information service

15 June 2016 - Kopenhagen Fur's Auction App is a powerful improvement of the information service provided by the auction house, which is why the text service will be phased out.

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