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Top Lot for charity

2 October 2015 - The Mahogany Velvet Female Top Lot was purchased during the September Auction by Rien Leeijen who was accompanied by...

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Sapphire Cross Top Lot to promote shops

29 September 2015 - Tuesday morning Mr. Ya Tao Wong bought the Sapphire Cross Males Top Lot at Kopenhagen Furs September auction 2015.

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Chinchilla Top Lot for a very special jacket

29 September 2015 - Ahmet Demir will soon be celebrating a great anniversary. He has purchased skins from Kopenhagen Fur for 28 years...

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New technique will bring a metallic look to the white swakara top lot

25 September 2015 - The White Swakara Top Lot buyer Victor Konstantinopolskiy is a fur expert from Accessory Fur and he has created a brand new...

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