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Preliminary sales programme for the June auction and revised sales dates

17 May 2016 - Kopenhagen Fur is pleased to announce the preliminary sales programme for the June auction.

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Bought the Top Lot during first visit

21 April 2016 - Mr Li Cheng Sheng from the Brand Ou Si Di Meng Fur took the final Top Lot offered at the April auction. The Top Lot in question was the Sapphire Cross Female Top Lot, which was purchased fo...

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Glow Velvet Males bought by Chinese family with long fur tradition

18 April 2016 - For Mr Zheng Peng Cheng, the purchase of the Glow Velvet Male Top Lot at Kopenhagen Fur's April auction was quite a special event. It was...

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Update for the Kopenhagen Fur Auction App

11 April 2016 - The Kopenhagen Fur Auction App, where one can follow auctions live, will be updated to a newer version.

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