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Record offering sold at Kopenhagen Fur

3 July 2017 - Approximately 550 customers attended Kopenhagen Fur's June auction with its record offerin..

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Video: Agreement signed between Norwegian Fur Breeders association and Kopenhagen Fur

1 July 2017 - On 1 June, Norwegian Fur Breeders Association decided by a wide majority...

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September 2017 auction - preliminary offering

21 June 2017 - Our June auction will start tomorrow at 8:30 AM offering White males of the highest quality. Customers are filling up the house and with 8.3...

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Fu Ya Di took home the Chinchilla Top Lot

27 June 2017 - For the second time in a row, a Kopenhagen Fur Chinchilla Top Lot is headed for China. The buyer is Jialin Yang and FUYADI Fur Co.

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