Doing well by doing good - Kopenhagen Fur focuses on CSR 

Kopenhagen Fur wants to excel in everything the company does and in all aspects of the trade. For decades, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has therefore been an integral part of the company's values and efforts. In 2010, Kopenhagen Fur took the extra step to formalise its CSR efforts by joining UN's Global Compact and focusing on the matter in its daily business.

UN's Global Compact focuses on 10 principles under four topics: human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Kopenhagen Fur is a Danish company operating under Danish law, which makes the company compliant to strict laws and regulations within all four areas. However, the company has chosen to go far beyond the requirements of the law and lay down practices that enforce human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption to a degree few companies can follow. 

Even though Kopenhagen Fur has only joined the CSR movement officially in 2010, the company is already known for its efforts within the field. For instance, Kopenhagen Fur has for years enforced transparent and democratic principles within trade ranking all its customers equal. And employees at Kopenhagen Fur have for years enjoyed the benefits of wide-spread employment benefits and focus on staff's health and career opportunities.

The positive flip side of focusing on corporate social responsibility is its positive effect on the company's turnover. E.g. Kopenhagen Fur employees stay at the company longer than usual, guarding the company from unwanted costs of re-placing skilled personnel. Likewise, the environmental initiatives Kopenhagen Fur has undertaken have greatly reduced electricity spending etc.

More initiatives are underway as the focus on CSR has been strengthened with Kopenhagen Fur's membership of UN's Global Compact. Its all a matter of doing well by doing good.